Impel your project to succeed

Accelerate the launch, fundraising or growth of your project with Unbundl Incubator's addressed support under mentorship of best industry experts.

What is Unbundl Incubator?

Unbundl Incubator unites experts in blockchain development, security, tokenomics, market making, marketing, legislation, marketing and other areas from the most prominent projects in the industry keen on sharing their experience and help startups thrive.


Incubation is focused on specific elements of your product foe feasiable results in minimum time.


Incubation doesn't imply a general, uniform for all program. We help solve specific issues and and reach clear outcomes.

Backed by top-notch experts

Unbundle unites experts from the best Web3 and AI projects with proven track record that join together in a scrum manner for each particular Incubator resident.


We're distributed, yet focused. We aim to realize human capital and multiply smart money in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia and North Africa.

Why join the Incubator?


To fill the gaps

Get targeted assistance in tokenomics design, development, achievement product market fit, marketing, security, legal or other aspects from high-profile advisors.

To improve the product

Get recommendations and practical contribution into all-things-tech, from smart contracts and infrastructure to UX and security.

To partner

Unbundl's network opens up access to tens of partnerships and integrations. Forget about 'cold' messaging - you will be introduces to C-level reps directly.

To raise funds

Receive introductions to VCs that are focused on relevant types of products and increase the probability of investment.




We are a chain-agnostic incubator, loyal to teams who might still miss the polished tokenomics, working MVP and dev docs. What matters most - is the idea and team's potential. We primarily focus on Pre-Seed, Seed and A stages.


We invest between $500,000 and $5 million of gross value per deal. However, we treat selected projects as exceptional and are ready to discuss them on an individual basis.


We have a worldwide reach and advisors from teams operating across the globe.  Our international team has been providing long term value to native crypto, web3 and metaverse projects since the inception of the industry.


Deal terms and vesting conditions are normally aligned with other investors. We work with token, equity and hybrid fundraising models. We do not normally directly invest funds, however we always introduce Incubator residents to the network of investors.

Expert board

Unbundl incubator unites world class experts from top Web3 projects who bond together in a scrum manner to help startups fundraise and grow. Our list of experts includes reps from more than 20 OG teams.


Unbundl has all components your Web3 & AI Startup needs to succeed. Assemble your own incubation plan by picking the modules of your choice.

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