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Find investors, partners and service providers, hire talent and track deal flow in minimum time.

What is Unbundl?

Unbundl is an all-in-one platform for firsthand connection of decision makers from VC companies and Web3 projects making fundraising, partnerships and growth straightforward.

With Unbundl, you unfold the advantages of a top-notch, gated and curated network.

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network access
freelancers and agencies
We unite different market participants to ensure relevant business connections that address specific needs whether it’s fundraising, investments or growth.
Participation in Unbundl is selective to make sure that only the most reputable, honest and valuable players are plugged in, so, by joining the platform, you get access to only verified business opportunities.

For whom?

By joining Unbundle, you get the following options depending on the nature of your company


  • VC profiles
  • access to service providers
  • talent pool
  • collection of grants
  • your project's token analytics: holders breakdown and behavior
I am a Startup


  • startup profiles
  • access to selected startups
  • matching engine for the the most relevant deals
  • portfolio projects' token analytics: holders breakdown and behavior
I am aN Investor


  • list of jobs in startups
  • list of jobs in service providers
  • availability to proficient scouts
  • profiling of all employers to make your own due diligence
  • no more cover letters - Unbunl's  profile is trusted by employees
I am a Talent

Service Providers

  • talent pool
  • direct access to potential clients among startups and ecosystems
  • matching engine for the most relevan deals
  • vast network for partnerships and integrations

Why join?

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Curated Web3

Unbundl has all the components your Web3 & AI Startup needs to succeed. Smart money, world class team members and advisors, and much more.


Build trusted relationships
based on merit within a
vast curated network


Request direct introductions to
the players that will benefit
your company


Capitalize on relevant connections


Demonstrate the advantages of
collaborating with you as a
business or individual


Analyze market participants'
business metrics and make
data-driven decisions


Clear out your network from buzz and collaborate only with selected actors

Platform features

All your business connections and their effectiveness in full view

Platform features

In-built VC and startup screening system

Platform features

Recommendation system for new partnerships, clients or investments

Platform features

Talents’ performance and assessment

Platform features

Personal business portfolio

Platform features

A collection of modular services and universal tools

Modular incubator

As a hub for all-round expertise in startup launch and fundraising, Unbundle also features Modular Incubator, which fills in specific gaps your project might have in product design, tokenomics, legal framework, security, marketing and more.


The eastern Web3 & AI market is undeserved. There are thousands of great projects from Morocco, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, to India, China and Japan. Our mission is to facilitate connections and collaborations within the Web3 & AI space, with a focus on serving the East.


Join Unbundl to leverage our diverse chain of partners

How to apply?

To join the platform, application is required. You can find information on how to join Incubator in the corresponsing page.

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