We create network which is relevant, curated and trusted

We know full well how important to build relevant connections to make your project success. So we transformed everything we know about business development and fundraising into Unbundl Platform and Venture Incubator.


Our goal is to drive growth and innovation in the technology industry of the Rest of the World through blockchain and AI.

We see the challenges faced by the region as an opportunity to level the global playing field, and our decentralized system promotes seamless coordination and collaboration across borders.

With our (soon AI-based) hub, we facilitate access to capital and high-quality projects and talent, fostering innovation and growth in the technology industry. Our ultimate aim is to make the Rest of the World a global competitor and drive its development.

Our values

Unbundl is your one-stop shop for everything you need to grow your startup in the Web3 & AI space. Find investors to support your business, expand your network to discover new opportunities, and recruit top-notch team members and advisors.


Unbundl values collaboration between different countries and cultures, as a means of overcoming the challenges of the AMEA region and promoting growth in the technology industry.


Unbundl values decentralization, as a means of promoting a more equitable global playing field, and aims to create a decentralized system that enables seamless coordination and collaboration.


Unbundl values trust, recognizing that transparency and security are essential for building trust between investors and businesses, and seeks to create a system that enables more significant investment in the region by promoting transparency and security.


Unbundl values innovation, as a means of driving growth in the technology industry, and seeks to foster innovation through the use of blockchain and AI.


Unbundl values access, seeking to provide access to capital, education, and talent through blockchain and AI-based systems, enabling businesses to develop and compete on a global scale.

Global competitiveness

Unbundl values global competitiveness, recognizing that the AMEA region has enormous potential for growth and development in the technology industry, and aims to leverage blockchain and AI to make it a global competitor.

The story behind

The AMEA region holds vast potential for technological growth and innovation, yet faces various challenges.

However, these hurdles can be transformed into opportunities by harnessing emerging technologies like blockchain and AI to promote coordinated and decentralized growth. By enabling seamless coordination and removing barriers to innovation, these technologies can help overcome challenges such as a lack of access to capital, facilitating the development of new technologies in the region.

Unbundl helps innovative technologies to be developed by providing new fundraising opportunities for companies and investment options for investors. With the added security and transparency of blockchain technology, investors can trust that their funds are being used effectively.


Unbundl's partners provide thorough expertise to keep the platform's high quality. They participate in the selection of projects listed on Unbundl, help update platform features to respond industry' needs and are actively involved in the startups acceleration under Unbundl Venture Incubator.